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Rupturian Sci-Fi Multimedia Franchise
The budget for all the components of the Rupturian franchise is $20 M
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Rupturian is a Sci-Fi high concept, a space opera multimedia franchise that allows marketing
across movies and TV miniseries, books and e-books, video-games, toys, clothing,
and miscellaneous gadgets.

Rupturian is based on the vision of the
nature of reality
created by Al Herrera (Alberto Herrera Guzman),

where we enter in contact with an alien civilization of the Triangulum Galaxy,
and gain access to their highly advanced technology;
the problem being,
that humans as we are, we  may end up using the Rupturian technology for
own destruction.            
The business concept is to produce the first film of the franchise with the least possible budget, $10M,
and then increase it progressively.

The Rupturian stories will be structured in episodes, to facilitate the programming of TV miniseries.    

Rupturian I   -Extinction on Earth

The gamma-ray burst of the WR104 supernova is about to hit the Earth. We are on the verge of
extinction, but we are saved by the Rupturians, a highly advanced alien civilization.  

Rupturian II   -Rupturian Wars (Our own annihilation)

Gaining access to the Rupturian's advanced technology, we will explore vast areas of the universe,
but with such an advanced technology we will come close to destroying ourselves.

Rupturian III   -The Rupturian’s end

Via records of the Rupturian Intergalactic Network (RIN) ,
similar to the Internet but of a Local Galaxies (Milky Way, Andromeda and Triangulum) scale,
we will see how and why the Rupturians destroyed themselves.  

Rupturian IV   -The birth of the universe

With the advanced technology of the Rupturians,
we will see how the universe was created in the Big Bang explosion.  
We will discover the origin of life, and we will be able to do soul transplantation.

The Big Ban  is approximately 13.82 billion years old,
which is thus considered the age of the universe.

The following planet, called Mega-Earth, is 10-11 billion years old,

The Earth is 4.54 billion years old.

                                        Movies and TV miniseries

                      Books and e-books
The Rupturian movie scripts will be converted to short graphical novels,
and will be promoted along with the theatrical movie releases.  
Book in Google
Book in Google

Last call from Earth trilogy

Get trained as a Rupturian Super Suit

Join a team and play wireless games

Teleport yourself to New Earth, and fight Magnetic Beings

Perceive events from the past via the parallel dimension

Follow Tepeu’s ceremony to be infused by soul strings’
power and become a Rupturian

Learn to operate The RIN (“RIN-it”)

Get comets from the Kuiper Belt, build a gas cloud diffuser
and save life on Earth from mass extinction
S U P E R - S U I T S
Xquic and Tepeu are two of the important characters in the Rupturian story.

Tepeu is a Mayan boy that receives in his body the spirit of the last of the Rupturians and gains access to their advanced technology.

Xquic plays an important role as his couple.

Rupturian I


The Rupturian franchise
is a Sci-Fi
space opera like



occurs in the present time,
and is more realistic.

Compared with the
the STAR WARS are like
children playing
When and how did the universe
begin? Why are we here? What
is the nature of reality? Is the
apparent “grand design” of our
universe evidence of a
benevolent creator who set
things in motion—or does
science offer another

Stephen Hawking

Rupturian Vision of
The budget for production of
the first movie of the franchise
is $10 million,
with potential sales over
$50 million.

For the entire franchise, the
potential sales are over $300
million in 6 to 8 years