In New Earth we are sharing reality
with magnetic beings from another
dimension. Normally we can not
touch them, and they cannot touch
us. But some have managed to
sneak into our dimension and are
wandering around all over New

Can we shoot them?

No, bullets go through them.
But they have the ability to
materialize up to a point where
they can attack us.
At that point when they materialize
enough, can we shoot them?

Magnetic Beings
Can we use animals as bait?

No. They are only interested in

Do we know why?

They are not looking for food. They
want the DNA of our evolution.

What do they do?

They suck our blood.

Suck our blood? You mean they are
magnetic vampires?

Not really, but you may say that.
The magnetic beings are gigantic, ten feet tall, quasi transparent; their structures are hard but elastic at the same
time so that they can change form at will. They have six thin and long extremities that function as arms, legs and
mouths at the same time. They run with the six extremities, stand up on two extremities, like a man, and in their
feethands, they have six fingers - used to suck in their nutrients.
Their heads are round, like spheres, with no mouth and no nose. With six eyes all around, they have a 360 degrees
angle of perception. Their eyes, round and bulky, have the ability of zooming in and out, like a video camera, can
see trough objects, like x-rays, and can focus on very small details, like a microscope.

MAGNETIC BEING POV: The first magnetic being sees Gucumatz from behind; focuses on his neck and head; fine
tunes his view and sees Gucumatz' blood flowing through his carotid arteries and jugular veins into an out of his

The first magnetic being grabs Gucumatz' back. He sticks his middle extremities into his jugular veins and carotid
arteries, sucking his blood, while with his upper extremities taps into his brain. Gucumatz' blood flows into the
magnetic being's transparent "veins." When the blood gets to his head, the magnetic being becomes materialized
enough to be shot.


The six Super Suits send an integrated purple beam to the magnetic being and in an instant it disappears,
completely, without leaving a trace in our dimension.

Gucumatz body falls dead to the floor.