Survival of the Soulstrings

Absolute silence.

We travel through a dazzling universe.

We get close to a binary star planetary system, with three planets moving between the suns.  

A string of soulstrings flies around and gets close to one of fhe planets.  .

The three planets explode one after the other leaving a vacuum between the suns. The soulstrngs are also destroyed
in the explosion, The gravitational equilibrium between the suns is lost, they attract each other and collide. The event
creates progressively an immense DETONATION.

Cosmic debris scatters everywhere and fills the screen.

Absolute silence.

The huge energy released by these explosions creates a black hole. The debris scattered all around the screen is
sucked into the  black hole, on the left side of the screen. The screen becomes dark, just with some far away stars in
the background.    


             That was the end of the Rupturians,
                                     a highly advanced alien civilization
                              that in a major conflict annihilated themselves

    Darkness, with some few far away stars in the background.  

A soulstring appears on the right side of the screen, then another, and another... many of them, and fly around
haphazardly, one behind the other, in a single-line formation, emitting computer generated sounds. When the
soulstrings fly they leave a tail of light  


                            Only the Rupturian's spiritual force
                  remained, manifested as

The single-line formation breaks into multiple lines and form interesting and beautiful designs. A line of soulstrings
shoots toward the camera: the first one fills the screen with light.

Absolute silence.

We follow the line of soulstrings, who soar in the direction of the Milky Way. We travel through a dazzling universe. The
Solar system comes into view. We head  for Earth and see the Moon in an empty sky.

The soulstrings fly in circle around the Moon.

People in Central Park New York see the soulstrings flying around the sun, astonished.

The soulstings break the circle around the moon and fly towards the Earth. They fly down an almost touch the peopel
a tthe Central Park, who scream.    


                                            What are the soulstrings
                                      coming to the Earth for?

                                    RUPTURIAN -EXTINCTION ON EARTH              
R u p t u r i a n
There will be several trailers about the Rupturian movie, that will be shown
progressively, to create the momentum of its release date.  

First, we will show the effects of the WR104 supernova GRB hitting the Earth,
destroying New York City, and starting a new Ice Age.

Second, we will show the destruction of the Rupturian's civilization, the survival of the
solstrings, and their arrival to the Earrh.  

Third, we will show Tepeu's ceremony for the Return of Kukulkan, where he becomes
transfigured into a Rupturian

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