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The Books versus the Movies
In the old Greece, during the golden times of Aristotle, Socrates and Plato, the latter used to
present his philosophical concepts via dialogues…  I am going to do the same, via questions
and answers, I am going to present the differences between the book  "Last Call from Earth –
Stage I, Biological Survival", and the movie "Rupturian -Extincition on Earth"; both of them
created under the Rupturian concept.
Under the Rupturian concepts, I wrote the first novel of the trilogy “Last call from Earth”, which deals with the biological survival of the Human race before a
major catastrophic event, and, when I tried to convert the novel to to a movie, I found the need of making several major changes.,  

The movie "Rupturian -Extinction on Earth" contains the same basic elements and concepts of the book "Last Call from Earth", but presented and
developed in a
different way, and in a different order.  

Q. Could you give an example of a
different way?

A. The basic event in the story is that humanity faces imminent extinction. In the book that is caused by a collision against our universe of another
universe; due to the collision there is a rupture through which strings escape (strings are the basic components of everything that exist in our universe),
and consequently, our atmosphere is affected…. This is a concept very difficult to communicate and develop in a movie. The script was changed so that
now what we have is a supernova; that is, the major explosion of a star. In the history of our planet, 440 million years ago, a supernova almost finished life
on Earth.
(Ordovician Extinction). A supernova makes the script more realistic, and more graphical..

Q. And also more dramatic; I can see that. Do you still make it happen on December 21, 2012?

A. No. It happens in the immediate future, but not a specific date. This makes the story more permanent.

Q. Could you give an example of a
change in the order of the story?

A. In the book, the story starts in the XXIII century, 280 years from now, and we look back to what has happened up until that moment; in the movie, the
story starts at the present time and moves forward.

In the book, the people in the colonies that we establish in other planets get sick with CRDS (Circadian Rhythm Degeneration Syndrome). The disease is
caused by a disruption in the normal functioning of the DNA, caused by not teleporting to the planets to which we migrate, microorganisms that the human
body needs to be normal.
According  to a study  by the  University  of Cambridge in the UK, excessive hygiene
increases  the incidence of neurodegenerative  diseases. The study  reinforces the
"hygiene hypothesis",  which says that the  sterilization  of  environments  in  developed,
industrialized countries, reduces exposure to a wide range of microorganisms, leading to
a a lower immune system, and that as a consequence, in such extremely "clean"
environments, the brain is exposed to an inflammation associated with the Alzheimer's
The excess of hygiene is related to the Alzheimer decease
In the movie, the people that would remain on Earth after the supernova are the ones that would get sick with CRDS. While the radiation of an atomic
bomb affects living organisms immediately, the radiation from a supernova affects the DNA resulting in cancer, dementia, and physical malformations.
With this change, the script becomes more realistic... but in the end, during the last minutes of the movie, that doesn't happen because we are saved
using advanced Rupturian technology to create a gas cloud diffuser that filters out the life damaging particles of the WR104 supernova. The biological  
CRDS problems are now presented in the third movie: The Magnetic Beings' end, where in New Earth, the assessment team that we teleported there in
the first movie, Rupturian I, gets their DNAs infected with Magnetic Beings' mitochondria, and as a consequnce, suffer of CRDS.  

Q. The overall concept of the Rupturians remains the same?

A. Yes. That’s a key concept. Without the advanced Rupturian technology and their
vision of reality, the Rupturian stories would not exist.

Q. Looking at things in perspective, how do you see the novel versus the movie?

A. The novel presents the essence of the Rupturian theme, the way I thought about it for the first time, without putting any constraints to my imagination.
The scripts of the movies are the result of several revisions to make the stories more realistic; they are the result of a team effort. For example, the final
script of the first movie of the franchise, EXTINCTION ON EARTH, is the result of several revisions made by a team of professional writers that include
Brad Schreiber, Peter Mellencamp (STAR TREK) , Paul Young  (THE LORD OF THE RINGS) and Paul Guay.

Q. Which one do you prefer?

A. Both; the book for sentimental reasons. I still remember when I thought about it for the first time. I was in New York in a very cold winter, the boiler was
broken, and I had to wear my coat in bed in order to sleep. I had just read a couple of books about the fabric of the universe and the strings theory, so in
my mind I created a minor big bang explosion and the Last Call from Earth started to exist. In practical terms I prefer the movies, since they are the result
of thinking and rethinking the same concepts, by several people, over and over again, until the stories become  more realistic, and with emphasis in the
most important aspects.

Q. Still thinking about a book trilogy?

A. No, the Last call from Earth (LCE) trilogy of books will be replaced by six Rupturian movies, for which, there will be also short graphical novel versions.
As of today I have already written the following scripts:      

In Rupturian I, EXTINCTION ON EARTH, we are going to be hit by a supernova that will finish life on Earth, but we will be saved using the advanced
technology of the Rupturians.

In Rupturian II, RUPTURIAN WARS (OUR OWN ANNIHIILATION) with the advanced technology of the Ruprurians, Humans as we are, we will come close
todestroying ourselves. The Rupturian Super Suit Soldiers are more powerful than Superman, Iron Man and Spider Man, all of them combined. You can
just imagine the magnitude of their destructive power.
This movie replaces the book LCE Stage II, Biological Survival.  

In New Earth, the assessment team that was teleported there in the first movie, Rupturian I, gets their
DNAs infected with Magnetic Beings' mitochondria. Consequently, the normal functioning of their DNA in the regulation of their bodies gets out of control,
and they become mentally and physically deformed. The only solution is to completely destroy New Earth and its surrounding planets, including their
three stars, like it happened to the Rupturians when they destroyed their civilization (First scene of Rupturian I). We will know about the Ptolomeo Dual
Spiral, which we will colonize in Rupturian IV.
This movie replaces the book LCE Stage III, Spiritual Survival.

we will colonize the PTOLOMEO DUAL SPIRAL And, via the copy of our reality that is maintained in the
Parallel Dimension, we will see the birth of our universe; for this, we will use the pictures that are expected will be produced by the
James Webb space
telescope  By seeing the birth of our universe, we will see other galaxies that are older than the Big Bang; that is, that belong to other universes.  
According to the Rupturians God has two dimensions: Being and Not-Being. In the dimension of Being there are multiple universes.  

Q. Sounds really interesting, unique, realistic and educational. I can see you have created a whole world in your mind. Do you still have
from one body to another?

A. Yes, but in the first movies, to avoid religious implications and the related discussions, it is just called "teleportation".  The entire story, as presented in
the first book from the Last Call from Earth trilogy: Stage I, Biological Survival, plus what was intended to be in the following two books of the trilogy:
Stage II, Socio-Political Survival, and Stage III, Spiritual Survival, will now be spread over the six movies of the Rupturian franchise.  Teleportation
appears in all of them,  including "teleportation in situ", where a person can be teleported back to the same place but modifying the recipient body, which
is the same concept as "soul transplantation".  But, at the very end of the Rupturian saga, not avoiding religious implications, the very last film will be
precisely, "Soul Teleportation"

Q. Do you still have Microbial Deputies in the  movie?

A. Yes. That’s another key element of the Rupturian world, but in the movie they are known as “Rupturian Super Suits”.

For the Super Suits uniforms we are considering two alternatives: One is to have them “comics like” and the other, to use uniforms that resemble more
real uniforms, with some variations -See the
Super Suits page..

                                      The following are two artist’s suggestions for Super Suits on the “comics” side:

Additional movies

Rupturian Wars
(Our Own Annihilation)

The Rupturian's End

The Birth of our Universe

The Children of God

Soul Transplantation
In the end, the Rupturian theme will be presented in two books: Last call from Earth -Stage I, Biological Survival, and Rupturian
Vision of  Reality
, and six Rupturian movies. This means that for Rupturian fans, the two books become essential to understand and to
anticipate what will be included in the movies to come. There will be new editions of the two books, as we progress in the development of
the Rupturian franchise.  The two books are available in digital and printed forms, with pictures in black and white, and in full color, with
paper back and hard bound editions.  Please visit the

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